The Carrot Chaser

by: Todd Hopkins & Ray Hilbert


The Carrot Chaser is a thrilling, heartwarming story of how to follow God in a busy world!

Matthew Swift is a young, brash, and arrogant executive who seemingly has it all.  His image graces the covers of all the top business magazines.  He’s got money, power, and of course, all of the toys that come with it. But his world is about to come crashing down. His disregard for the people around him and his unscrupulous business practices have cost him everything. In this inspirational business fable, Matthew finds true love and discovers four keys to real and true success –  keys that you can use in your own life.

In a world fixated on material possession, fame and fortune, this inspirational business fable follows one businessman who learns to keep life’s priorities in perspective and stop chasing the carrots that can destroy our work, our families and our spiritual walk.

#1 We must choose God’s agenda instead of our own.

Does this sound familiar?

We seek God’s will for us and will follow His plan and path, as long as it meets with our expectations and approval first.

Nobody knows what’s best for you better than yourself, right? We set goals and focus on them. But far too often our goals are not God’s plan. We think we know what is best for us but God has a very specific purpose and plan for us.

Satan does not care how close to God’s path we are as long as we are not on it. And so, out come the carrots.

#2 We must recognize the carrots.

Money, salary, title, power, ownership, lust, long work hours, neglect of spouse, kids, family and friends, trips to the stuff mart, a new car, that person or thing that we think will bring happiness and contentment.

The question is what have you ever acquired or done that has brought you lasting contentment? It is all like that new car smell – it will fade away.

#3 We must not try to put God in a box.

We often put limitations on what we expect from God. If we would turn it over to God in prayer without giving Him our solution and trust it will be done – His way, even if it is not what you expected or necessarily meets with your approval.

Don’t tell God what you want [He already knows anyway]. Ask God what He wants.

#4 We must follow God on His plan, not include Him in ours.

Ignore Satan’s carrots – follow the plans and the path God sets before you.