Five Wisdoms

by: Todd Hopkins


Most People Who Start a Business Give up Too Soon.

It happens one day while you are on vacation, doing your workout routine, or taking the dog for a walk. Something you hear or read or see transforms itself into an idea that takes shape in your mind. Without a grand announcement, the seed for your new business takes its first root.  The idea turns into an exciting vision. You see success on the horizon and you are ready to reach for it. You will be your own boss so you will naturally work less, earn more and finally get the respect you deserve.

Things start to come together. You are in business! You walk tall and proud. You made it. You are an entrepreneur. But there is more! Sooner or later disaster strikes. With thunderbolt speed, costs start to rise and sales drop. You are working more and making less. Or maybe not working much at all. You don’t want to pick up the phone anymore. Actually, you don’t even feel like getting out of bed. Maybe this business was doomed from the start, you reason. It’s not me, it’s the market, the timing, the competition. If only you had known this before you even got started. And that is how it ends. You cut your losses. You get out. An entrepreneur no more, you find a safe place to lick your wounds. It wasn’t for you.

What happened to the dream, the vision, and the excitement that would get you out of bed in the morning before the alarm went off? Consider this: You gave up too soon. Every day brought a new avalanche of challenges. There was nothing exciting in this flood of setbacks. In this blinding blizzard you lost sight of what propelled you into becoming an entrepreneur in the first place: your vision.

In this book, I share with you five priceless wisdoms for survival given to me by my mentor, plus a mixture of other practical experiences and Biblical perspectives on how to weather the storm that goes with being an entrepreneur.

Table of Contents

  1. Give it Up
  2. Nugget One: Pray for Favor and Wisdom
  3. Nugget Two: Get Your Name Out
  4. Nugget Three: Be Accountable
  5. Nugget Four: Get in Front of the Decision Maker
  6. Nugget Five: Don’t be Afraid to go For It
  7. Stick it Out
  8. Tame Your Anxiety
  9. Never get Too Impressed with Yourself
  10. Turn Problem into Process
  11. Always say, “Business is Great!”
  12. Dig Deep to Meet Your Cash-Flow Needs
  13. Understand the Numbers
  14. Have a Plan B
  15. Be “Strategically Correct”
  16. Test your Back Up
  17. Pay Attention to Red Flags when Hiring
  18. Pay Attention and Bless Your People
  19. Behind the Scenes
  20. Always Take the High Road
  21. Be a Friend to Your Vendor
  22. Do not make Excuses
  23. Finish Each Day
  24. Invest in Yourself
  25. Train Through the Trials
  26. Compost Your Failures to Fertilize Success
  27. Frequent the Winners Around You
  28. Refuse to Get Angry
  29. Run Your Own “Encouragement Filter”
  30. Find Your Peers
  31. Listen to the Right People
  32. Consider What is Eternally Significant
  33. Share Your Story
  34. Forgive Those Who Wrong You
  35. Give Thanks
  36. Weather the Storm
  37. Enjoy Your Family
  38. Enjoy Going to Work
  39. Define Success Correctly
  40. Establish the Right Foundation