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Todd’s keynote on “Stop Using the B Word”

"Help your organization achieve goals by overcoming distractions, and replacing being busy with being productive by hiring Todd Hopkins for your next event."

This is Todd currents keynote that helps business, entrepreneurs and sales professionals active their goals.

Todd’s keynote on “Stop Using the B Word” is full of impactful take-a-ways intended to help your organization begin a cultural shift away from aways being busy & distracted to being incredibly productive and goal focused! Todd experienced this firsthand in his own organization, seeing a 25 year old company double in sales and profit in less than five years with minimum increase in staff. Todd not only tells the story, but includes humor and visual effects that will keep your attendees entertained and motivated to take action.

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How successful business owners or sales professionals differ from those who are not so successful.

How to overcome busyness and distractions that cause us to fall short of achieving goals.

How organizations can create a culture shift from busy activity to productive results.

How to find the motivation to be willing to do what is required to be successful.

How to understand to thee importance of time and compounding productivity.

Todd’s keynote on “The Stress Less Business Owner”

10 Guiding Disciplines for a Stress Less Business and Life

Stress is a killer.  People are dying everyday due to stress related illnesses.  We were not created and our bodies were not designed to carry the stress burdens common to today’s typical man or woman.

Todd Hopkins felt the pressure and stress of bring a business owner, in the summer of 2012 at 46 year old, Todd Hopkin’s doctor looked at him in the eye and said you are either in the middle of a heart attack or about to have one.  Todd’s blood pressure and EKG were going crazy and the doctor told him to immediately go to the emergency room.  There, as a team of doctors quickly surrounding him, attaching tubes, asking questions and running test, and then Todd asked himself, how did I get here? I am a blessed man.  I have a wonderful wife, great kids and a good business.  I love the Lord with all my heart.  Surely, this isn’t how it ends for me, dying of a stress-laden heart attack in a hospital emergency room.

Through prayer and God’s grace, Todd did not die and is now living a stress less life.  While a stress free life is not realistic, there are definitely things we can do or disciplines we can embrace to stress less.  Todd has found that the stress less life is more enjoyable than the stressful life. 

In the Stree Less Business Owner keynote, Todd will share with you the ten disciplines he has discovered to reducing stress and bringing joy back to his life and business.  The disciplines in this keynote will help you achieve the stress less quality of life you seek, and even to a level you never knew was possible.

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