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Todd Hopkins, Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Growth & Productivity Speaker

Todd Hopkins Strategic Business Coaching helps entrepreneurs think through how to grow and scale their business, as well as maximize their positive impact on the people and world around them.      It was a great blessing and honor to pour 30+ years of my heart and soul into launching and growing the Office Pride franchise system as Founder & CEO.  Seeing so many wonderful people achieve their dreams of owning and growing a business was worth every minute.  Now, I want to leverage everything I have learned and experienced in my journey to help others achieve their dreams.


1. Founder and CEO of Office Pride for 30 years. Launched and grew the brand to over 145 franchise locations in 26 states. Consistently recognized award-winning brand, including the prestigious Franchise Business Review’s Hall of Fame for Franchisee Satisfaction.

2. Numerous professional and personal awards, including the BSCAI President and Leadership Awards for leading the over $80 billion commercial cleaning industry’s top trade association as its President through COVID in 2020.

3. Author or co-author of five faith-based business books, including international best-sellers, and most recently Stop Using the “B” Word – How to Overcome Distractions by Replacing Busy with Productive.

4. Professional speaker in multiple countries on topics such as business productivity, reducing stress and strategic growth.

5. Experience coaching entrepreneurs and business owners across multiple industries, including retail, private clubs, B2B, B2C, wholesale, professional medical, real estate and service.

Coaching Focus:

1. Help you think through how to Honor God with your business and pursue the potential that He has for you.

2. Help you, the entrepreneur, think through situations and challenges, and growth opportunities to pursue.

3. Help you think through how to put systems and processes in place to position you and your company to scale.

4. Teach the systems and tools I have used and developed over the years to help you with strategic planning and problem-solving.

5. Help you understand the value of your brand equity and how to leverage and grow it with intentionality.

6. Help you think through, plan for, and build financial confidence.

7. Be someone you can have confidential conversations with to discuss your worries and fears, then use critical thinking exercises to help you think through how to eliminate or minimize these vulnerabilities.

8. Share with you what I would do or how I would think about your business if I owned it.

Ideal Coaching Client:

1. Desires to honor and acknowledge God with the business

2. Entrepreneur Business Owner 100% all-in

3. Has a Can-Do Attitude (excuse adverse)

4. Honors commitments

5. Has a desire to scale

6. Wants to have positive impact on people and society

7. Is coachable, honest, humble and willing to be vulnerable

8. Has willingness to follow through, persevere, work hard, and open to continuous learning

9. Wants to make wise choices

10. Committed to be productive, not busy

11. Comes prepared to leverage each call to its fullest benefit

Coaching Structure:

1. 1-3 coaching calls each month (75-90 min each) on zoom or similar platform

2. Monthly coaching fee

3. Possible in-person strategic retreat (1 ½ days), but not always needed

4. Will customize a structure to fit your need

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Client Testimonials

“I am glad I brought my team with me to hear Todd. My HR Director has been quoting parts of Todd’s speech to help drive cultural and performance improvements. Money and time well invested!”

~Dennis Richards, President of Puritan Cleaning Company

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To learn more about how Todd can customize a coaching program to help you achieve your dreams, please contact Todd through email at or call/text at (850) 291-0724.


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