Stop Using the B Word

by: Todd Hopkins

“Overcome Distractions by Replacing Busy with Productive”

If you are too busy to do what you want to do, help who you want to help, and accomplish what you are capable of, this book is for you. Todd Hopkins’ simple 30 day challenge to stop using the word “busy” will change your life. While humans are becoming addicted to distractions, Todd has identified from personal experience 11 common productivity distractions and provided insights on how to overcome them. If you want to 4X your personal and corporate productivity, read this book.

Productivity does not come naturally, distractions come naturally. Productivity comes by intentional choice and distractions are overcome by intentional choice.

Do you want to be remembered by the distractions you pursued, or the purpose for which you were created? This book will help you get a grip on identifying and overcoming the distractions that keep you from pursuing and achieving your full potential.